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How to Care for Your Newly Finished Cabinets

Maybe we just finished up a project in your home or maybe you're just curious about how to care for newly finished cabinets. Either way, we have all the information you are looking for!

In order to keep your investment looking new long after we leave, you will need to follow these after-care guidelines.

After-Care Guidelines

  • Your cabinets will be dry to the touch but will take 30 days to fully cure. You will need to treat them gently to avoid scratching the finish during that period.

  • It is necessary to clean your cabinets regularly, especially in high-traffic areas like around and above your stove, below your sink, and around any trash receptacles. While we use high-quality, professional materials, the natural oils from your hands along with food and drink debris will deteriorate the finish over time.

  • Use a mix of dish soap and water along with a soft cloth to clean your cabinets. Avoid over-wetting cabinets. It's best to clean one small area at a time.

  • Avoid using these types of cleaners on your cabinets as they will damage the finish: - Magic Erasers - Any abrasive cleaners with harsh detergents or ammonia - Oil soaps - Spray polishes with silicone or wax - Citrus/Orange cleaner

  • Do not hang wet towels over a cabinet door or drawer.

  • Use caution when using cleaning tools such as brooms, mops, and swiffers as they may be rough on the bases and damage the finish.

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